SBA Loans under 250K

For most transactions, we do not charge a fee as many lenders are willing to pay us for assisting them with a qualified client. This is not the case for smaller loans, so instead we typically charge a 2% fee.  Unfortunately, we do not have any lenders that will entertain transactions under $75,000.

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There are typically 2 types of small SBA loans.

“Good” Loans Under 250K

For “good” loans (good credit, good cash flow, etc.) that are under 250K we have lenders that offer outstanding terms - in some cases a low 25 year fixed rate.

“Harder” Loans Under 250K

We also have lenders who will do the harder transactions typically defined as having one or more issues like imperfect credit, less than adequate cash flow, turnarounds etc., however you will pay a premium for a loan like that, which usually means a higher adjustable rate.

Typically this means a floating rate that could be as high as the Prime Rate + 2.75%.  Admittedly, this does not sound like a great deal, but sometimes this is right loan, especially if the loan is your only option or if it is solving one or multiple problems for your business such as paying off higher interest/shorter term debt or getting you much needed working capital.

It should also help to know that you should be able to refinance after just 2 years with a 1% prepayment penalty or after 3 years with no penalty.

Please feel free to contact us using the form below should you need assistance with a loan under 250K.

Please note that in either case above, we do not have any lenders that will do 100% financing on loans 250K or under.

You can call us at 1-800-414-5285

Please also note: investment properties (multi-family apartments, etc) are not eligible for SBA funding.

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