SBA Loans for Day Care, Childcare Centers, Preschools and Private Schools

Pre-School, Private School & Montessori School Financing

ABC-Blocks-SBA Loans Financing Day Care Childcare Centers Preschools Private Schools SBA Loans are excellent loans for construction, expansion, purchase or refinance of a:

  • Day care center
  • Child care center
  • Pre-school
  • Private school
  • Montessori school

The 7a loan, in particular, is well suited for these businesses since it allows financing of goodwill and other intangibles, loan amounts up to $5 million and a 25 year amortization as long as commercial real estate is the largest percentage of the total financing.

100% Financing is Available for Expanding Buisnesses

See our 100% Commercial Loans page: here for more info.

Construction Loans

Construction financing is definitely available, but the transaction and principals need to be strong. Financing for start-ups looking to build can be problematic as "projections-based" loans are harder to come by, but with enough cash down and the right people involved it is possible.

Existing profitable businesses (including independent businesses) with good cash flow are getting construction funding.

It is easier to finance a name brand such as:

  • Goddard Schools
  • Primrose
  • Kindercare
  • Kids R Kids
  • Discovery Point
  • Creative World
  • Rainbow Academy
  • Rainbow Station
  • Childrens Lighthouse
  • Kiddie Academy

Private Schools

Private School Financing is available through SBA, but the business must be "for profit" and it cannot have a religious curriculum.

Religious oriented, Non-Profit, Tax Exempt or "501c3" organizations are eligible for financing (including construction and refinancing) and we have a few expert "C3" lenders who specialize in school financing if that is what you need help with.

Please contact us 1-800-414-5285 for more information. (Minimum real estate loan for 501 (c) (3) is $1 million).

Benefits for Private Schools, DayCare & Childcare Centers

  1. SBA 504 & 7a loans are some of the few types of commercial loans available given the current state banking and commercial lending.
  2. The loans enable you to borrow up to 90% of the project costs and they allow you to put down 10% (or have 10% equity) and finance most of the rest of the costs - including closing costs and "soft" costs like appraisals, engineering fees, surveys, etc.
  3. If you create a Green School or build some energy efficiency into your facility you can qualify for more money with "Green 504" loan. For instance, if you already own a few day care centers or pre-schools and you are out of SBA eligibility you can borrow more if you "go green," since the SBA now has an initiative for green building financing.
  4. SBA loans are long term, fully amortized commercial loans with no balloons or "calls" which would force you to refinance later.
  5. Current rates are at or near all time lows and some fixed rate financing is available.

For more information about the 7a program, click here

For more information about the 504, click here

Green School Information

By becoming an environmentally friendly institution you would also:

  • secure excellent long term financing
  • cut your energy costs significantly
  • realize some excellent tax benefits
  • save money that can be reinvested in the school
  • create a healthier environment for your students and teachers
  • create a built-in "lab" for teaching your students about alternative energy sources...
  • and as a "green school" you might also be able to get some good PR out of it.

Click here for a comprehensive information about Green Schools from the US Green Building Council including info about the benefits of green school construction.

Please contact us for more information about SBA financing and how it could be a good fit for your day care business or for-profit private school. Call 1-800-414-5285