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Self Storage Business Loans From The SBA

Self-Storage Businesses Are Now Eligible for SBA Loans


The SBA has changed the rules for "passive income" properties making Mini Storage Businesses eligible for SBA financing. This is very good news for those looking to refinance, acquire or build a self or mini storage facility. (Cold Storage Warehouses are also eligible).


Self Storage SBA Loan Benefits:

  1. Longer term loans are available (up to 25 years).

  2. SBA Loans have lower equity and down payment requirements - as low as 10% for self storage - which is helpful for refinances, purchases and construction.

  3. SBA financing can be used to make improvements or to expand mini warehouse properties.

  4. Working capital and business debt consolidation are possible for self storage businesses.

  5. SBA financing can now be used to acquire or refinance multiple self storage/mini warehouse businesses since SBA eligibility is not determined by the number of loans but by the total amount of SBA eligibility used and this amount is now $5 million ($5.5 million for green or energy efficient buildings).

    Furthermore, "green" or energy efficient facilities have a $5.5 million 504 (second) mortgage limit PER PROJECT making it possible to finance numerous facilities with the program.


100% Financing Possible for Experienced Owners

One hundred percent financing is possible for experienced owners with solid properties, very good personal credit and strong global cash flow.that currently own other profitable facilities.

Financing can be used for an acquisition or a refinance and possibly new construction IF your existing businesses can cash flow the full amount of the new construction debt or if you have built up significant equity in your business.

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NON-Recourse, NON-SBA Self Storage Financing

If you have at least 25% equity for a purchase or a refinance AND you are borrowing $3 million or more then excellent 10 year term/30 year amortization, non recourse financing is available with very low rates. Properties need to be stabilized with good historical financials.

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Mini Storage Financing with NO Prepayment Penalty up to 80%

Excellent NON-SBA financing with recourse/personal guarantee but with NO Prepayment Penalty is available up to 75% (possibly 80%) loan to value for properties and borrowers/sponsors with strong financials. Typical minimum loan amount will be $500,000.


Recent Fundings - 90% Loan to Value and "Quasi" 100% financing

  • We recently assisted some clients with 90% loan to value financing for an under performing mini storage facility in spite of the fact that the clients had no mini storage industry experience. The occupancy for the facility had historically been lower than the rest of the market due to the fact that the current owner was not local and unable to provide real hands-on customer service. Despite this fact, the facility had enough cash flow to service the debt based on a 25 year amortization. Our clients, who are locals, were able to put down only 10% using the SBA 7a program.

  • Another recent client had no ministorage experience, but owned a few single family investment properties and was looking to acquire a smaller facility with oversized units. The client had good credit and would continue to work his "regular" job. We were able to get him a 25 year loan with only 10% down.

  • We also recently helped another client refinance a storage facility he owned combining it with the purchase of 2 other bank-owned facilities with (effectively) zero out of pocket. Client was purchasing 2 foreclosed properties owned by 2 different banks and was looking to leverage his equity in a 3rd property to make it happen. We assisted in structuring a transaction where he refinanced his existing facility to a lower rate/longer term loan which allowed him to purchase the 2 foreclosed properties. The client brought 10% to closing for the down payment on the 2 properties and the lender was able to structure the loan so that he received 10% back at closing in the form of working capital - effectively creating 100% financing.

  • We recently helped a client refinance out of a high rate, shorter term loan into a low rate 5 year fixed with a 25 year amortization that dropped his payments almost in half. The property was located in semi-rural area and was quite basic but had solid cash flow for the last few years.

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Refinance Option for Self Storage Facilities

The temporary refinance option offered through 504 Small Business Administration program that enabled the refinance of self and mini storage facilities at 90% loan to value expired September of 2012, but there is a "permanent" refinance provision (outlined below) and a lot of speculation that temporary program might be coming back as their appears to be bi-partisan support for it.

The 7a refinance program will continue to be available.


504 "Permanent" Refinance AND Expansion Option


A refinance option is available for businesses undergoing an expansion.

The caveat is that the cost of the "expansion" has to be twice what is currently owed on the subject property or properties.

An "expansion" is defined as: "any Project that involves the acquisition, construction or improvement of land, building or equipment for use by the small business applicant."

To qualify, the amount borrowed for new construction, expansion of an existing location or expansion to a new location must be for the same business to be considered eligible.

In other words, you can refinance an existing debt as part of an expansion of your business.

A few examples:

  • You own a facility and owe $1 million on it and you want to purchase of a competitor's location for $2 million.
  • You own a facility and owe $1 million on it and you want to build a new location with total project costs of $2 million.
  • You own a facility and owe $500,000 on it and you want to expand the facility at a cost of $1 million.

In order to qualify there are a few key guidelines that must be met:

  • 85% or more of the debt to be refinanced must be "504 eligible" - i.e. land, buildings, equipment.
  • The new loan will provide a monthly payment that is 10% lower than the existing financing for that portion of the existing debt
  • You have been current on all loans to be refinanced for at least the last 12 months



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Higher SBA Loan and Eligibility Limits - Larger Businesses Eligible

The relatively new Self Storage Business guidelines also coincide with the following changes:

  1. New higher SBA 7a loan and eligibility limits of $5 million.

  2. Larger businesses are now eligible for SBA loans:

    A small business is now defined as having a tangible net worth of up to $15 million and net - after tax - income of less than $5 million on average for the last 2 years.

  3. New higher 504 loan and eligibility limits including the ability to fund multiple large projects if facilities are energy efficient or produce some of their own renewable energy. The energy efficient test requires a 10% reduction in energy consumption and it might be possible use it in tandem with the 504 refinance option. (See refinance info below).

    Click here: SBA Green Loans for energy efficient information


More Detailed Info:


Multiple Self Storage Facilities Now Financeable

All of the recent changes should have a significant positive impact on the Self Storage Industry, especially the increase in the SBA maximum eligibility rules.

SBA 7a loans are now available up to $5 million OR multiple 7a loans can be used to finance (or refinance) multiple properties. This is because the SBA eligibility is not calculated per loan but per borrower/business owner, so having one loan does not disqualify you from getting another. (i.e. you can have multiple loans that total $5 million).

More Eligibility with the 504 Loan Program Might Be Possible

Even higher loan amounts and project costs are available to storage facility businesses with the 504 program because the program consists of 2 loans - a first mortgage from a bank or lender and a 2nd mortgage guaranteed by the SBA, but only the second mortgage counts toward your maximum SBA if you primarily use the 504 program you should be able to finance more properties.



SBA Mini Storage Loans

Current Market


SBA self storage loans were new to SBA lenders in 2011 and some were slow to warm to the asset class since passive income properties were not eligible previously.

Many lenders now understand the industry better and are actively making loans.

Self Storage Construction Loans

Self storage construction financing is getting easier for strong, experienced borrowers, but it can still be a challenge. "Projection based" transactions where borrowers have good cash flow from other properties, businesses or sources are easier to get funded.

Lenders are much more willing to fund refinances, acquisitions and expansions of existing profitable businesses.


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